Haven’t posted a selfie on here in a while. I’m done playing with my hair. I want my usual bangs back.

Love hate relationship with beanies.

cat in the mirror. 

Why do I look so fob today. Wtf.

Curled hurr don’t jk curr a lot. Haven’t curled my hair in forever and omg when did I obtain so much hair. And bunny rabbit ears I got as a gift :3

The night didn’t even start yet and I’m already this red…. it can only go downhill from here. X_X

Really diggin the bangs. Time to camwhore ;)
also, really itching to change the color of my hair again… getting tired of blonde. 

Getting an iPhone just makes it that much easier to camwhore, hello.

Ohai. Blonde again. 

Failed. Woops.

In the process of changing my hurr.

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