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Elodie Antoine, 2003

never let anyone tell you your self worth.

why is it that when you do it, it makes me physically ill.

but then when i do it, “it’s purely for fun. he means nothing to me”

but if i imagine you saying that to me i think “that’s fucking bullshit. if it didn’t mean anything then why did you do it. it couldn’t have fucking meant nothing”

then why did you do it?

why is it okay for you to do it? because it’s not. 

why’d you tell me, “because i’d feel bad if i weren’t honest”

why did you tell me. “because i want you to hurt for hurting me”

you’re such a fucking bitch. 

you have no right, you don’t deserve this. 

what if you’re saying all of this just to get in my pants?

how can i believe in you, how can i trust you. 

how could you move on so fast after thinking you “had no chance”

"if you want me too, she’s gone"

she shouldn’t have ever happened you fuck.

"i’m going to fucking crush him" 

i had it wrong, it’s the other way around. 

I can’t concentrate, i’m so goddamn confused, this wasn’t supposed to happen this way.


Betsey Johnson for Urban Outfitters are what ‘90s grunge dreams are made of

Just fuck everything. Why should I care. You’re a fucking hypocrite. Figure out what the fuck you want. You go on and say three fucking pages of heartfelt shit and yet you don’t know if you want to continue? You’re so fucking stupid. Don’t kid yourself, these situations never work out in the first place you knew it to begin with. Who said that it would be all end all? You said yourself you’ve come to terms with everything. All is well. That’s fucking bullshit. jfc. i want a cig. “but i thought you quit” well i quit a lot of things and go back to them don’t i? this will never fucking end. 

be at peace with yourself first. why don’t you take your own goddamn advice. who do you pray to, no one but myself. You’ll get over it. 

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